Not To Get Too Personal

As I sit and write this, I don't want to seem like I am bragging. That is not my intention. A thought just occurred to me that for some reason prior to this, hadn't. I have so much to be grateful for. It's a bitter cold and windy night out (at 4:14 am) as I sit in my modest yet perfect warm home. I know I have a wonderful family that consists of my wife Rachel who is extremely supportive of me as well as my career. She always puts our family first and never seems to mind. I only wish that I could be as good of a parent and role model as she is. She is beautiful both inside and out and amazing at her job. She is confident without being cocky and always knows what is best for all of us even though I don't always agree. She is my partner for life and without her there would be no me. I love her with all my heart and soul. Speaking of our kids, we have three insane boys, Christopher, Sean, & Liam. I say insane as a compliment. I wouldn't change their craziness for anything in this world. The backbone of our home is my mother Diane, whom without we couldn't survive. Not only does she help with raising our sons she also provides us with a clean and laughter filled home. We would have a lot more stress without her help. I look around my home and think, I am one lucky man. I have the best family, a great career that I love, and wonderful friends.

On the career standpoint I work for Dj's Available. I have worked for them since 2006 and to me they are family. I don't just mean the owners Gene & Tina (whom I love like family) but all the Djs there. We have each other's backs. I'm thrilled that I can work for an organization where I feel their hand on my back and I hope they feel my hand on theirs. See the difference between us and others in my opinion is when I am playing an event and someone just really bothers me, as much as I'd love curse them out, I don't. The reason is that could hurt everyone else. I know we all feel that way. We are not the biggest company in the industry and we may not have the super high end accounts that some others do, but we have something they don't. We have a passion for what we do. I do what I love to do everyday and I am grateful I get paid for it. Not everyone has that luxury.

As for friends, which strangely enough are mostly Djs. You couldn't ask for more crazy bastards than these guys. I mean that also in an enduring way. When I think of friends like Paul, I think funny, loyal, quick witted, totally crazy, and a true friend for life. When I think of Dan, I think funny, a true talent at remembering movie lines (even better than me), & even though we don't work together any more there are very few that could replace him both as a friend and a co-worker. Dj Bishop, When I think of Harold I think, family man, go getter, and amazing marketing guru. I look up to him both as a Dj and as a father. I'm pretty sure that there is nothing this guy can't do (besides be better then me haha). Terry O O O. Now here's a guy that has almost more experience Djing & MCing then I've been alive. I look to Terry for advice for how to handle yourself in a corporate world as an entertainer not just a Dj. There is a big difference. When I think of Terry I think professional, polished, and very willing to share knowledge with everyone (even if you don't want it) wouldn't trade him for anyone else. Last but not least, a newer friend Mr. Eric. When I think of this guy I think, eager, driven, & tall as hell. Here's a guy that is new to the company, but somehow it feels like he's always been here. I am glad that there is another guy that is now part of the family.

Well I think I have rambled on enough, I swear I haven't been drinking. I just wanted to take a few minutes and write this. I didn't write it to brag, or to kiss anyone's ass, nor to make it seem like my life is perfect. Believe me it's not. I am not rich but I am wealthy. The reason why is because of the things written above. I love all of you guys and I am looking ahead to 2014 with a positive attitude. I think part of the reason for writing this is to see in black and white that nothing is perfect, but it damn sure ain't bad.

Love & Happiness In 2014,

Skyline DJ Group LLC